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22 Responses to “Feedback/Comments”

  1. Merwyn says:

    Santosh and Avanti,
    I am feeling jealous and proud at the same moment.

  2. Aashoo says:

    dear moon and sun,
    great website guys. keep up the good work.
    liked the recipes too but my husband likes “dhan ke upar kanji”. any ideas?

  3. Ravi says:


    What a website man, I am fan of your pictures. Have not seen anyone’s website with such details.

    – Ravi

  4. Santosh Mhadesar says:

    Thanks Ravi for checking it out and glad you liked it. Hope will be ready for some more pictures within couple of weeks ! :) Do visit back. How’s life in Siingapore by the way ?

  5. Sarala says:

    Hey Avanti,
    Amazing website. Great pictures too.


  6. Amit Mhadesar says:

    Lots of Awesome picture Bro.. Keep it up..
    hmm recipes picture is also good m hungry here..lolzz

    w8ing here for more new creative picture..

  7. AJAY says:

    Nice pics…Specially recipes are awesome …..I will try the recipes and let you know the outcome…

    I believe you might be very busy for the CAIN november release.


  8. Sushant says:

    Dear Santosh,

    Too good site, thanks to Avanti for posting nice receipes. Really going to try everything … keep it up

  9. Shiv Patil says:

    Enjoyed every bit of this site!
    Pictures are classy!!

  10. Hi Avanti

    I’m Vishal, from St Anthony’s School – 1989-90 Batch. Came Across your profile on Facebook and landed on your’s and Santosh’s website.. great teamwork..

    If I’m not wrong.. you are from 1990-91 Batch…..


  11. Nitin Pise says:

    Hi Santpsh, your site is very good. keep in touch. Do u recognize me? I am WCE 1994 Compute Batch Classmate

  12. Miriam says:

    Hi Avanti,
    your recipes are great! Will there be any updates soon?

  13. says:

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